Highlights of Hangzhou

Also the name of an elective offered at Zheda, for the whole three weeks that we actually showed up to our elective classes before realising they weren’t assessable…


I’ve been back for a while now. Like a long while. Actually just did the maths and I’ve been back in Sydney for about 7 months. Despite this lengthy period of time between living the life in China and thumping back to reality in Sydney, sometimes the post-ICS depression still hits hard – especially when you’re going back through photos (which I made the mistake of doing in an attempt to find some decent ones to send to my Nan in Melbourne).

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The battle to get better

It’s been a while since I really wrote about my life apart from the usual OMG-we’re-back-at-uni-shock post which has become an annual occurrence. The last update was way back in February (click here to read).

Anyway, since netball training isn’t on tonight I went out for a Thursday night run (just my standard easy 5km up to the nursing home, round the nursing home and then home to dinner – quick shout out to Mum for all the hundreds of nights you’ve saved dinner for me in the course of my life!). About 2km in my right leg was in absolute agony from the impact of running – I have absolutely no idea why, I’ve never injured that leg at all and in fact, it’s always been my more naturally strong leg. And for whatever reason my ankle has been really playing up the last week every time I try to jump or run.

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Snap, back to reality

Yes, an Eminem reference (I can feel Jes rolling her eyes through the screen). Don’t worry, there is a background to my Eminem obsession – most of you know that I grew up just south of Penrith in a little area called Glenmore Park. Well, when we moved in my first year of uni, a lot of my friends and my life were still out there so I have spent a fairly significant portion of my life driving to and from the ‘Riff to see people. To keep myself awake on these late night drives, I have a playlist called ‘EMINEM YO’ which I rap along to while driving. If you happen to see me driving on the M2 on a Tuesday at roughly 1pm that’s probably what I’m doing when I head home from my weekly study sesh at Kat’s house. At least that explains how I know all the words to Without Me and Real Slim Shady, right?

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Why I identify as….nothing.

I grew up surrounded by strong, independent and intelligent women.

My mother, who has multiple degrees, various certificates and raised three children – two of whom had reasonably serious medical conditions as children.

My Nan in Melbourne – who at the age of 65 took herself off to the local pool to learn how to swim. Who still goes to watch North Melbourne play every single week with the blokes.

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Backpacking round the world

So in amongst all the coming home, finding a job stuff I never finished blogging about my round the world adventures from summer last year. I spent nearly 3 months backpacking around the world over my summer break (winter for all of you in Aus) – went to a heap of countries, most of which I’ve seen before but hit up some new cities along the way. Broke my ankle, missed some trains, came down with a 42 degree temperature BUT also got to see some amazing places and tbh would do it all again this year if I could. Continue reading “Backpacking round the world”

Coming Home

It’s sometimes said that coming home is the best and worst part of a trip. I feel like this is amplified a lot when your homecoming is a) a lot sooner than you expected and b) after a really, really long time away! Prepare for a very honest blog post – this is very different from the tone of what I’d usually post but I feel like I need to share a few things about how the last few months have been for me. Continue reading “Coming Home”

Funky Monkey in Nha Trang

Off to the second destination on our Vietnam itinerary – Nha Trang, the resort town located in the south of Vietnam. Sandy coastlines and turquoise beaches greeted us as we stepped off the aeroplane ready for some beach time and one of the highlights of the Vietnam trip – Funky Monkey boat cruise! Continue reading “Funky Monkey in Nha Trang”