A Prismatic Tuesday

I have finally experienced the ultimate perk of being an unpaid intern: the corporate box.

I walked in about 6pm on Tuesday from a very long afternoon at work. As I always do, I messaged my boss at my internship to remind her that I’d be in the next day.

The response was definitely not what I expected – “how far is it from your house to Olympic Park?”

At this point my frustration was beginning to develop because I’d planned coffee with a friend in the city on Wednesday which had been postponed for various reasons three times, and now I was facing the prospect of rearranging it again.

I replied with “about 20 minutes or so, why?”

“Check your inbox.”

I was very confused by this point. I’d been expecting a short “ok see you tomorrow”, not a full-length conversation about how far I lived from Homebush!

I jumped on my emails, expecting there to be an outline of what we’d be doing tomorrow or something similarly fun.

But instead I saw this:

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 2.25.47 pm

Have a read of the first attachment!

After jumping up and down and running laps up the hallway a few times, I thought I should probably ask if this was legit.

It was!

An hour later I was hanging out in the (catered!) corporate box at the concert, eating a delicious caramel dessert and chatting to various people.

Katy Perry!
Katy Perry!

Finally around 9pm Katy Perry burst onto stage in an explosion of colour and proceeded to sing, dance and fly her way through the Prismatic Album World Tour – with a few old favourites thrown in, including my all-time favourite song: Peacock!


I don’t think my boss even realised how exciting this was for me – I am a huuuuge Katy Perry fan, but I couldn’t afford a ticket because they were very expensive. I had literally spent an hour on the weekend trying to find cheap tickets online because I wanted to go so much!

That was my week. I actually think that was one of the highlights of my year!

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