To Card Or Not To Card?

That is the question.

Every year around this time I face the same dilemma: do I send out Christmas cards or not? At school the decision was easy – everyone signed their name at the bottom of a card and gave it to every single solitary acquaintance they had at school.

But at university, the struggles are real. First of all, everyone has finished class for the year so the opportunity for a catchup is rare. And then, if you do manage to catch up with someone, what if you’ve written them a card and they haven’t returned the favour? Cue awkward “sorry I haven’t done my cards yet” conversation.

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I’m actually a big fan of the humble Christmas card. I see it as an opportunity to let important people in my life know just how important they are to me. And I also love receiving them, and knowing that someone out there took the time to add me to their list of annual sendouts.

Personally I’m sad to see this tradition fade as we get older. My parents no longer do the hundred-card mailout that used to occur every year at this time. Most people don’t give out cards any more.

However I will be doing my best to keep this tradition going – one card at a time.

(To any of my friends reading this, expect a message soon asking for your updated address!) 

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