Melbourne Part II: Where the heck is Yarraville?

In Melbourne, there is a mysterious place called Yarraville.

I got lost in Yarraville. Really, I’m amazed I made it back to civilisation!

Yarraville in relation to Melbourne...turns out it's only 8km out of the city!
Yarraville in relation to Melbourne…turns out it’s only 8km out of the city!

I jest.

But in all seriousness, I stupidly got on the wrong train at Melbourne Central Station, and took all of about three stations to realise I was on the wrong line. By this point, the next stop on the line was this place called Yarraville. I thought I may as well jump off and catch a train back into the city so I could get on the right line. When I got off the train, I was genuinely surprised to find that next to the station is an adorable coffee shop with astroturf and slides for the kiddies, and I can tell you from personal experience they make an excellent skim cappuccino there!

Back to my morning. After waking up at some ungodly hour to a full English breakfast courtesy of my Nan, I jumped on the smooth running Metro train to Melbourne Central Station. Being me, and having no sense of direction, when I got off the train I promptly turned in the wrong direction and walked three blocks before I realised my map was upside down and I was heading away from my destination.

What was my destination, I hear you asking? The answer is the holy mecca of markets in Australia, filled with glorious hand-painted Chinese imports, Turkish coffee and the occasional deep-fried Spanish donut: the Queen Victoria Markets.

I was on a mission at the markets, to buy Christmas gifts for my family. I succeeded in buying my younger sister and brother gifts so I suppose it was a successful trip overall! My good friends Emily and Caitlin, as well as Caitlin’s boyfriend, happened to be down in Melbourne the same weekend so we met up for lunch and had some laughs over plates of pasta at Melbourne Central Station.

Promptly following lunch I got on the wrong train to Yarraville, spent forty minutes extra travelling home and arrived back around 2:30pm, just in time to head out to my Aunt’s house for the night.

Stay tuned for Melbourne Part II: Promenades and Serenades on Lygon St!

2 thoughts on “Melbourne Part II: Where the heck is Yarraville?

    1. Haha that was about my third mistake! I walked to the markets from Melbourne Central Station – the unexpected trip to Yarraville happened on my way home, was supposed to get on the Craigieburn line and accidentally got on the Werribee line. Whoops!


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