Melbourne Part III: Promenades and Serenades on Lygon St

Without a doubt, Lygon St is my favourite street in all of Melbourne. Dare I say, perhaps even in Australia?

Italian restaurants line the street up and down, filled with every kind of Italian food imaginable. Oh, and a tiny little Grill’d stuck in the middle, in case you came to Lygon Street in search of something other than Italian food?

Anyway, my Aunt knows about my deep-seated love of Lygon St, so she decided to take me down there for dinner on Saturday night (after my unexpected trek to Yarraville). We did the usual wander up and down before alighting upon a restaurant called Il Cantuccio.

The menu was amazing – all the usual pasta and pizza options, but with unusual twists. I had the gnocchi in napoli sauce, but it had a slight hint of chilli which added a nice kick to the sauce. Halfway through the meal, we noticed a man wandering around with a guitar.

He would walk up to a table, have a short chat then sing them a song – personally tailored to their situation, and all written by him. Homegrown hits including a gem called “Karma doesn’t forget” featured heavily.

We then continued our wanderings down Lygon St and stopped for a delicious homemade gelato before jumping back on the trains. The singing man was definitely a highlight of the weekend! A unique Melbourne experience.

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