The day Mel rode the horse from Tangled

My friend Mel went through a stage in Year 12 where she was obsessed with the movie Tangled (the HSC did strange things to all of us okay?)

On Monday, we went on a four hour ride at Glenworth Valley – 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon. We were in the second half of our 4-hour horse ride, riding different horses to those we rode in the morning. Mine was called Buddy, and Mel had a large chestnut called Maximus.

Mel and I on Maximus and Buddy.
Mel and I on Maximus and Buddy.

About half an hour into the ride, Mel turns to me and says “so basically I’m riding the horse from Tangled!”

My reaction – “what?”

Apparently the horse from Tangled is also called Maximus. I wasn’t aware of this fact before but I’m not entirely surprised that Mel remembered it! She is one of the smartest people I know, studying vet science at Sydney University.

Anyway back to the narrative of the day. We signed up to do one of the four hour trail rides up at Glenworth Valley, roughly 1.5 hours north of Sydney. We’ve done the 2 hour rides before but this was our first time doing the full day experience – we even took a picnic lunch! Very old school.

In the morning we were on tiny little ponies – mine was Dakota and Mel rode her regular horse, a little grey called Annie. Turns out Dakota and Annie don’t get along so well, which made it fun when Mel and I tried to ride next to each other! Annie was rather fond of biting Dakota on the butt every time we went past. On the upside, Annie’s bite tally was only 1 for the entire day – pity my horse was the 1!

We had a wonderful, albeit slightly damp, picnic lunch while catching up on all the goss from the past few months. Then we returned in the afternoon for the second ride, this time on (thankfully) much larger horses called Buddy and Maximus. Since we’re both fairly experienced riders they let us canter on this one, which is always heaps of fun.

Next time we’re thinking of doing one of the all-day free range rides. Hopefully that’ll happen sometime before I go to China! That’s one experience ticked off my bucket list for the summer.

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