The semester thus far….

So it’s been awhile. Kind of a ridiculous while. But I think I can be forgiven considering my current schedule is muchos hectic! Working three days a week and studying full time is proving to be a bit more of a challenge than I initially anticipated, but it’s finally that glorious time of the semester: mid sem break! Anyway, what’s been happening….between stressing out over 2,500 word literature reviews and Chinese quizzes (seriously, they’re only worth 4% why do we get so worried?), I’ve been doing some cool things and have made some cool new friends. So here’s a quick rundown of this semester so far. Day 1 of Uni: the hellish 8 hour day that had both Cynthia and I collapsed on the grass at lunchtime. Well not literally, we made a decision to enjoy the fact that UTS now features grass and eat our sandwiches on the freshly minted Alumnae Green. But let me tell you, our Monday is a real struggle! Three subjects in a row, capped by Chinese at the end of the day, does not make for an easy day. By Week 5 we had given up on attending the CCIP lecture. Why would we suffer through an hour in University Hall when we can just as easily read our lecture slides in the comfort of our favourite coffee shop, Another Hideaway? Ridiculous.

Artwork on the wall at Another Hideaway
Upstairs at Another Hideaw

Exploring the new business building was a mini adventure that I also undertook with Cynthia. Walking to CCIP one day, after spending time at Another Hideaway reading our lecture slides, we happened to stop outside the new business building. A spontaneous decision was made to explore the interior of this illustrious building which looks tiny from the outside but, let me tell you, is actually quite enormous! Cynthia and I looked totally out of place, not only were we the youngest in there by about ten years but we are also clearly not business students. I think it’s the fact that we don’t carry any books….

Oh also, kind of started a new job (this was actually way back at the start of the year but I forgot to add it to my blog!) Here’s some of the fun things I’ve gotten up to at work:

Valentine’s Day building event
Easter Egg hunt

And finally, I’ve booked an overseas trip! On June 20th my good friend Caitlin and I will be jetting off to England for a four week Europe/England adventure! We’re beginning with a ten day Contiki around Europe, then I’ll be going to Cambridge University while Caitlin explores Ireland and the greater UK. So expect some serious blog spam in June/July this year!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.20.06 pm
Pretty excited for this Contiki!

Anyway, I think that’s all I had to write about. Until next time! (Enjoy some random pictures below of other stuff I’ve been doing)

N2 Gelato to celebrate surviving the first week of Chinese 3!
N2 Gelato to celebrate surviving the first week of Chinese 3!
Harmony Dinner with Mike Baird
Harmony Dinner with Mike Baird

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