17,000 steps in one day (or a standard day at uni)

For some reason, people have this perception that UTS is all in one building (the huge ugly eyesore that is on Broadway). Here to tell you right now, that is totally untrue. To prove it, I wore a Fitbit on Monday this week to uni to measure exactly how many steps I took in a standard day.

To begin, here’s a map of the UTS campus:

That's right, there's 11 buildings.
That’s right, there’s 11 buildings.

On a standard Monday, I meet friends for coffee in the DAB cafe in Building 6. That’s the one on the right of Harris St. Then I have a 2hr break, during which I usually head to the tower (CB01 for the uninitiated) to study in Jumbunna, a glorious study area with beanbags and microwaves galore. Not really, there’s only one microwave, but it’s still quieter than your standard study space on campus.

Next up at 11am, lecture in Building 7. Closely followed by a tutorial in Building 2, broken up with a stop at the Concourse in Building 1 for whatever free goodies they’re giving away this week (NB – for all those wondering why we had eight tins of Pringles in Org. Comms on Monday, now you know our secret!).

After two hours of discussing diversity in organisations or conducting this week’s scavenger hunt (what even is communications…), a half hour break for lunch and then another coffee lecture, this time in Building 4. After some solid Facebook time note-taking, the long trek down to Building 5C for our kill-me-now fascinating and engaging CCIP tutorial. This week we learnt how to sign a Group Charter for a group assignment!

Finally, after 2 hours of sleep constructively learning about how turning off our computers will save the planet, only a short walk down to Building 5D for Chinese class. Then at 8pm, back up to Central Station for the enjoyable (and thankfully relatively short) train trip home.

Here’s a fun diagram of my daily walk on a Monday:

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 8.12.37 pm

So to all the USyd and Macquarie students haters who try to tell us we have it so easy, add in to this the ten minute walk to and from Central Station and the real truth emerges! Peace out.

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