Day 2: Sneaky Contiki in Amsterdam

What an amazing night! Amsterdam is a very surreal city with two completely different sides. The Amsterdam you see in the day is completely different to the one you experience at night. I think our trip manager put it best when he described Amsterdam as the ideal girlfriend: full of culture, ideas and history by day, but crazy and fun at night.

After dropping our bags off at our hotel, and having a delicious schnitzel for dinner, we headed into the city for a walk through the Red Light District, and some “Sneaky Contiki” activities. It was quite amazing watching it transform from cobblestone streets to this vibrant nightlife district. And unlike Kalgoorlie, the Red Light District really does live up to its name!

We then headed out for a canal cruise through Amsterdam’s winding waterways, with a fantastic tour guide who pointed out the Anne Frank house and a few other sights including the Heineken brewery. We also saw the seven dancing houses, so called because they all lean in different directions.

Then the real fun began, as our tour manager showed us to a bar in the Red Light District. It was great to go out and relax as a group, and we got to meet heaps of different people from around the world (as well as find out that alcohol is quite a bit cheaper in Europe!)

Tomorrow morning we are going in to Amsterdam where we will experience the other side of the city, the museums and galleries.

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