Day 4: A little bit of culture in Munich

Remember how yesterday the Rhine Valley was my favourite place ever? Well scrap that, Munich has now taken out that title! What an incredible city. The buildings are absolutely amazing and the city is filled with history. We went on a bike tour for two hours through the city and saw the main churches and squares, then we went to the English Gardens for dinner, complete with authentic Beer Garden!

No, that beer doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to my neighbour.

After the beer garden  we went to the artificial wave. The ever practical people of Munich, sick of the lack of surfing in their city, decided to create an artificial wave to practice surfing in the river. It’s quite interesting to watch them jump across the river on their surfboards! Unfortunately my phone died so I don’t have any photos of the wave.

We then biked back to our base, and saw one of the two buildings in Munich that still has Nazi insignia on the roof. It really reminded me of the history of the city, and I wish we had’ve had more time to look around. Our tour manager (Zach) showed us to the Hoffbrauhaus, the main Beer Hall in Munich. It was very hot!

The Hoffbrauhaus

After the beer hall we wandered up the Marienplatz to see Munich by night, and eventually ended up in a bar which sold 6 shots for €8! We were unfortunately a bit too tired to take full advantage. Tomorrow we’re heading to the Austrian Tyrol!

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