Day 7: Swissco Disco in Switzerland

What a long day! Today we drove from Italy up to Switzerland, which is the second longest drive that Contiki do on any of their trips through Europe. And boy did it feel like it. After 2 hours sleep, we jumped on the coach. Looking around at about 9am, there were 46 people asleep – the only person awake was our tour manager.

We were running really late even though we were all on the coach right on time, because there is a tunnel in Switzerland that only allows a certain amount of cars through. We got stuck in traffic on our way to Lake Lucerne, but the upside was we saw the Swiss Air Force doing an air show. Zach gave us another 2 hour talk about the history of Switzerland, and because I was sitting right up the front of the coach I had to try and stay awake for the entire thing!

We finally arrived at Lake Lucerne at about 5:30pm, and went in to see a Swiss watch shop which was very cool but also very out of my price range! We wandered through the city for half an hour or so before getting back on the coach to go to Lauterbrunnen, our accommodation for the night.

Lake Lucerne
Lake Lucerne

As our first designated party night and after ten hours on the bus, we were all pretty keen for the Swissco Disco party happening in the basement of the Lauterbrunnen hotel. There were seven Contiki trips staying in the hotel, and because our driver had the day off the next day he was also able to party with us! Basically everyone in the group shouted him a drink which was fun.

The first view of Switzerland
The first view of Switzerland

About 3am we decided to go and get some fresh air…somehow we ended up on the top floor of our building and we then spent an hour hanging out with Zach and our driver David. A definite highlight was watching David attempt to get back into his room with the old fashioned keys that they use in Switzerland. Tomorrow we are going up the Jungfrau Mountain, the highest railway station in Europe!

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