Day 8: Snow on the Alps

Today we went up to the highest railway station in Europe on an old electric train which was really cool, though it was quite a long trip after a fairly sleepless night. Luckily we had 2 hours to sleep on the train!

The Jungfrau mountain was really cool, there was real snow on top of the mountain! And it’s very different to the snow we get here in Australia, much icier and harder to walk on.

Switzerland 2

We basically wandered around the top of the mountain for a couple of hours, trying to adjust to the altitude which was around 3,500m. It was quite cold up there but we adjusted pretty quickly. A whole bunch of us were from Australia and South Africa so we found the snow really exciting, and we decided to build a snowman of our tour manager, Zach, complete with afro and all.

The snowman
The snowman

We went back to the campsite after that and I spent the afternoon napping on the stone wall next to the river, which was an incredible view. David was washing down the bus and he kindly played music through the loudspeaker for those of us who were hanging out there. At around 5pm we made a run to the shops to get some drinks, having learnt the hard way the night before that alcohol in Switzerland is expensive! We stayed by the river until about 10pm when the security guards made us move inside, but it was really nice to chill out. And despite all our best intentions after the night before, we all ended up at the bar again to have another fun night out.


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