Bits & Bobs #2

It’s the middle of semester again (well, not quite….but we’re five weeks in so it feels like we must be halfway through). I assumed everyone wouldn’t want to read another blog post about uni blah blah assignment blah blah study blah so I’m writing a second bits and bobs post. If you’re short on ways to procrastinate, then continue reading….

1. How I learnt to say “Let it Go” in Mandarin:

Also this:

Because who doesn’t love the Lion King….and I can understand most of the language so it counts as studying right?

2. Because everyone should know how to say “99 Red Balloons” in German:

3. The funniest recaps you will ever read: 

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 9.58.03 am

You don’t even have to watch The Bachelor to appreciate these recaps. Take it from the person who spent last week in Contemporary China catching up on two seasons worth of recaps.

Some of my favourite Rosie Waterland recap quotes:

Episode 1: And it looks like Channel Ten’s fierce feminist queen Sandra Sully forced her minions to catch a great one for us: Sam Wood, from Tasmania. Wood. From Tasmania. His last name is so perfect, I don’t care if it’s referring to his brain or his peen I just want to christen him Bachie Wood and have nobody call him by any other name ever again. BACHIE WOOD IS OUR GUY.

Episode 2: I still can’t decide if the ‘Wood’ in Bachie Wood is referring to his peen or his brain.

Episode 3: Queen Sully does not mess around when it comes to the budget. If they’re going to keep Oshie’s hairspray machine fully operational, not a dollar can be wasted.

Episode 4: Totally Laid Back Cool Girl Heather takes Bachie Wood to a prop studio for their date, because she’s an ‘aspiring filmmaker’ by trade (ie waitress) and therefore likes to spend time on prop studios.

Episode 5: Bachie Wood takes a moment to show us his very impressive ‘leather-wearing’ skills, which I’m assuming makes up about 63% of his yet-to-be-discovered personality.

Episode 6: Next we’re informed that Bachie Wood has decided the three identical dates will be filled with ‘secret tests’… Yay feminism! I really hope one the ‘secret tests’ will involve him telling the girls he has crusty genital warts to see how they react.

So yeah. Go and read them all here.

4. OMG. Talent. 




Happy procrastinating!

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