Funky Monkey in Nha Trang

Off to the second destination on our Vietnam itinerary – Nha Trang, the resort town located in the south of Vietnam. Sandy coastlines and turquoise beaches greeted us as we stepped off the aeroplane ready for some beach time and one of the highlights of the Vietnam trip – Funky Monkey boat cruise!

In the afternoon we were booked in for a mud bath excursion in Nha Trang. It was so nice to spend the afternoon just chilling in the warm water, getting to know some of the new people who joined the trip in Vietnam. For dinner we headed to a local Western restaurant on the beach called the Sailing Club. After that the group collapsed onto some beanbags on the beach, watched a fire show and chilled out until just after midnight when we all fell into bed (except for Marc who somehow got lost on the way back to the hotel and stumbled in sometime around 3am we think, judging by the time the Facebook messages stopped…).

Floating bar! Photo: Daniella Fa

The next day was the Funky Monkey boat cruise, which took us out to three local islands to snorkel and swim. It was an absolute highlight of Vietnam – the guys running the cruise were absolutely nuts. At the first stop we all jumped off the boat straight into the most amazingly blue water I have ever seen. Pumping tunes all the way, we then motored to our second stop where we tied up with three other boats to have lunch. They then put on a concert for us before setting up a floating bar in the water. We all jumped into tubes and ‘rafted up’ to enjoy some drinks in the water before going to our final island stop.

That night Harnsle and I along with some other girls went back to the Sailing Club for a quiet dinner before collapsing into bed. It was an exhausting day but the islands were absolutely incredible.

Chilling with Helen in the water (Photo: Shivali Chavda).

Nha Trang was an absolutely incredible surprise. Coming from Australia sometimes we tend to think that beaches in other countries are not as good but the beaches in Nha Trang were absolutely amazing. Definitely somewhere I’d recommend visiting if you ever go to Vietnam.

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