Snap, back to reality

Yes, an Eminem reference (I can feel Jes rolling her eyes through the screen). Don’t worry, there is a background to my Eminem obsession – most of you know that I grew up just south of Penrith in a little area called Glenmore Park. Well, when we moved in my first year of uni, a lot of my friends and my life were still out there so I have spent a fairly significant portion of my life driving to and from the ‘Riff to see people. To keep myself awake on these late night drives, I have a playlist called ‘EMINEM YO’ which I rap along to while driving. If you happen to see me driving on the M2 on a Tuesday at roughly 1pm that’s probably what I’m doing when I head home from my weekly study sesh at Kat’s house. At least that explains how I know all the words to Without Me and Real Slim Shady, right?

Anyway, slight diversion on the way to getting to the point of this blog post: the fact that we are now four weeks into uni and I still have no idea what is happening in any of my subjects. And, by the way, that photo at the top is an ACTUAL SLIDE from one of my lectures.

It’s not entirely unusual for me to be a bit lost in general, as I think a lot of people will attest to (just last week I got lost running in North Epping because I decided to take a slightly different route home. Don’t change your route. It’s not worth it).


But this semester in particular it just all feels very pointless. I think studying overseas last year was in many ways the best but also the worst thing that ever happened to us. It’s made coming back to UTS so much harder – especially when your tutor sits down in the middle of your tute and declares “I don’t believe there’s any such thing as reality.”


(side note, Jes and I are now wondering: if there’s no such thing as reality, does this mean that that subject isn’t real? Therefore, do we have to turn up to the tutorials? Would appreciate any ideas you have on this one).

I don’t think any of us were really ready to go back to UTS just yet. We had all just settled back into work when suddenly we had to go back to class 13 hours a week. Not to mention the fact that all of the capstone Communications subjects at UTS seem to involve us working for free for very well established media/communications organisations.

Sometimes it’s all just very frustrating. We sit through these classes with tutors who constantly talk about existential philosophies of life, trying to make us question every element of our lives, while we’re dreaming of the time we randomly booked a weekend trip to Beijing. Or when we went out and bought e-bikes and waited a day to tell our parents that we didn’t buy helmets with them. There are still many, many days where Jes and I send each other ideas of where to travel to next (Thailand is high on the list for later this year, any suggestions are very welcome). The pangs are getting fewer slowly, but it’s still there – this constant restlessness and feeling that we’re staying still for too long. It definitely wasn’t there before last year.

And handy hint, if you happen to run into Jes, Cynthia or I on a Tuesday: don’t ask us how Communication Practice Project was on Monday afternoon. There’s no such thing as reality, after all.

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