The tale of two ankles

Well, it’s officially been twelve months since I fell over in Laos while walking from a market to my hotel room. And to celebrate – I had a second surgery. Okay yes, this one is nowhere near as major as the last one and also hurts a lot less at the moment (hold that thought though, haven’t started physio yet). But that doesn’t make it a whole lot less frustrating to find myself in the same position I was twelve months ago, albeit at home rather than in a hotel room with a bag of ice duct-taped to my ankle (cheers Natalia for the fast thinking). 

About ten minutes before the anaesthetist shoved a giant needle in my hand. Having a great time deciding what to order for dinner and breakfast.

Anyway about four hours after that photo was taken I wasn’t feeling so great. Last time I had surgery they put me straight onto some sort of Panadeine but this time they decided to try Endone which didn’t mix so well with the anaesthetic, and after my blood pressure dropped a lot they kept me in for a second night. It’s a very weird feeling when you have low blood pressure – I just felt really spacey and my eyes wouldn’t focus on anything in particular. In addition I spent the whole night sleeping in half hour increments as they kept checking my stats which I don’t think helped the whole situation much.

The wire frame they made to keep the blankets off my foot.
Creatively photographing my admission band.
My face after reading the SMH, The Australian and the Telegraph cover to cover. The roof was quite fascinating at that point.

On the upside I did make friends with the lady across the hall. Barbara was quite a good source of information about…everything. She’d been in for three days when I arrived. And by the end of three days I was quite the hospital life expert. I think Mum was throwing around the word ‘institutionalised’… Also my Kindle died on Day 2 so all I could do was watch daytime television. And take creative photos of my room. Good to see the Kardashian clan are still kickin’ in LA.

Creative room photos 101.
Creatively showering.

Anyway the reason this is the tale of two ankles is because not only have I now had two ankle surgeries, three weeks ago I was playing my final netball game for the season and someone crashed into me midair and I somehow fell and injured the other one. I thought it was just a sprain but Dad was worried enough to take me to the hospital for some scans… turns out it was just a couple of high grade tears and some other tiny bits of damage. I think in a normal person it wouldn’t even be a concern but because this surgery was coming up, I did go to the physio some insane amount of times.

Visit #3 to the physio. I think. They all start to blend in after a while.

However what was really frustrating was that for the final two weeks before my ankle surgery, I wasn’t able to run or jump or really do much at all because of this new injury. And then this ridiculous situation happened:

Well this is just ridiculous.

Anyway, that’s pretty much life at the moment. On the upside, this left surgical one is really not hurting. I’m pretty much sitting on the lounge wondering if it’s going to start hurting anytime soon. The right one on the other hand is hurting quite a bit so I’m kind of glad to have an excuse to rest for a few days. And Mum had a ‘very serious’ talk to me today about not playing netball next season, to which I suggested I go back to touch footy instead and I’ll leave you all to imagine the response that received. We have both agreed that dancing is probably off the cards from now on though. At least we reached that agreement.



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