Day 8: Snow on the Alps

Today we went up to the highest railway station in Europe on an old electric train which was really cool, though it was quite a long trip after a fairly sleepless night. Luckily we had 2 hours to sleep on the train! The Jungfrau mountain was really cool, there was real snow on top ofContinue reading “Day 8: Snow on the Alps”

Day 7: Swissco Disco in Switzerland

What a long day! Today we drove from Italy up to Switzerland, which is the second longest drive that Contiki do on any of their trips through Europe. And boy did it feel like it. After 2 hours sleep, we jumped on the coach. Looking around at about 9am, there were 46 people asleep –Continue reading “Day 7: Swissco Disco in Switzerland”

Day 6: Pasta and gondolas in Venice

After a very long drive, surviving on about 4 hours sleep, we finally arrived in Venice! Our tour guide Zach has started giving us hour and a half talks about the countries we’re driving through, which is all well and good until you’re trying to stay awake on four hours sleep. We stayed in aContinue reading “Day 6: Pasta and gondolas in Venice”

Day 5: The hills are alive in Austria!

Today we headed to one of my most anticipated places on the whole trip – the Austrian Tyrol! It was a pretty early start, we had to be on the coach at 8am to get to white water rafting by 10. As we wound our way down through the Alps Zach decided to serenade usContinue reading “Day 5: The hills are alive in Austria!”

Day 4: A little bit of culture in Munich

Remember how yesterday the Rhine Valley was my favourite place ever? Well scrap that, Munich has now taken out that title! What an incredible city. The buildings are absolutely amazing and the city is filled with history. We went on a bike tour for two hours through the city and saw the main churches andContinue reading “Day 4: A little bit of culture in Munich”

Day 3: Wine in the Rhine

Today we had the morning to spend in Amsterdam exploring and seeing the sights. Our first option was to go to the Anne Frank house, however we arrived and took one look at the line and promptly decided to walk around the city instead. Apparently some people book tickets for the house six months ahead!Continue reading “Day 3: Wine in the Rhine”

Day 2: Sneaky Contiki in Amsterdam

What an amazing night! Amsterdam is a very surreal city with two completely different sides. The Amsterdam you see in the day is completely different to the one you experience at night. I think our trip manager put it best when he described Amsterdam as the ideal girlfriend: full of culture, ideas and history byContinue reading “Day 2: Sneaky Contiki in Amsterdam”

Day 1: Hello London!

Well, we made it! After nearly 30 hours in transit we finally landed at Heathrow airport at around 2:30pm. I would definitely recommend Cathay Pacific to anyone flying, it was easily one of the best flights I’ve experienced. We had decided to brave the infamous Tube from Heathrow to Russell Square, where our hotel was.Continue reading “Day 1: Hello London!”

Bits and bobs #1

So this is the first of my bits and bobs posts, an idea that I totally didn’t plagiarise from my good friend Cynthia’s amazing blog (click here for a great read). It’s that time of year again – end of semester. Copious amounts of study, exams and assignments (well, unless you’re a communications student likeContinue reading “Bits and bobs #1”

ICS 2016: I’m going to Hangzhou!

I have just been told that next year I’ll be going to study in the beautiful lakeside city of Hangzhou, on the eastern seaboard side of China! To convince you all that you should come and visit me in sunny China, I thought I’d post some fun things about the “small city” of 2.5 millionContinue reading “ICS 2016: I’m going to Hangzhou!”