17,000 steps in one day (or a standard day at uni)

For some reason, people have this perception that UTS is all in one building (the huge ugly eyesore that is on Broadway). Here to tell you right now, that is totally untrue. To prove it, I wore a Fitbit on Monday this week to uni to measure exactly how many steps I took in aContinue reading “17,000 steps in one day (or a standard day at uni)”

To Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran

I wanted to say something about the executions happening tonight in Indonesia, but not on Facebook because I feel like people just get fired up on Facebook. So here’s my two cents worth, on an issue that’s been huge in Australia since I was ten years old: Today is a pretty momentous day for Australia,Continue reading “To Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran”

A Centenary of ANZAC

Last night we were fortunate enough to attend the Centenary of ANZAC ceremony at the King’s School. With a long military history, King’s lost 98 boys and 2 staff in World War I – this represented three generations of Kingsmen, out of a school that only had 220 boys in those days. The ceremony wasContinue reading “A Centenary of ANZAC”

The semester thus far….

So it’s been awhile. Kind of a ridiculous while. But I think I can be forgiven considering my current schedule is muchos hectic! Working three days a week and studying full time is proving to be a bit more of a challenge than I initially anticipated, but it’s finally that glorious time of the semester:Continue reading “The semester thus far….”

The 2014/15 Annual Tibeston New Year’s Camping Trip

The annual extended family New Year’s Eve camping trip has come and gone again. For the past seven years or so we’ve been heading down to the South Coast of NSW for a week to go camping. A few times we’ve extended it to a month (usually when Mum realises she has eight weeks offContinue reading “The 2014/15 Annual Tibeston New Year’s Camping Trip”

The day Mel rode the horse from Tangled

My friend Mel went through a stage in Year 12 where she was obsessed with the movie Tangled (the HSC did strange things to all of us okay?) On Monday, we went on a four hour ride at Glenworth Valley – 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon. We were in the secondContinue reading “The day Mel rode the horse from Tangled”

Melbourne Part III: Promenades and Serenades on Lygon St

Without a doubt, Lygon St is my favourite street in all of Melbourne. Dare I say, perhaps even in Australia? Italian restaurants line the street up and down, filled with every kind of Italian food imaginable. Oh, and a tiny little Grill’d stuck in the middle, in case you came to Lygon Street in searchContinue reading “Melbourne Part III: Promenades and Serenades on Lygon St”

Melbourne Part I: Planes, Trains and….Trams?

In case you didn’t work out from the title, I spent last weekend in Melbourne. Now I’ve spent twenty years traipsing to and from Melbourne, largely via car (which from Sydney is a very, VERY long, boring drive). But this was only the second time that I’ve visited Melbourne sans-parents. Last time I was eight.