Bits and bobs #1

So this is the first of my bits and bobs posts, an idea that I totally didn’t plagiarise from my good friend Cynthia’s amazing blog (click here for a great read). It’s that time of year again – end of semester. Copious amounts of study, exams and assignments (well, unless you’re a communications student likeContinue reading “Bits and bobs #1”

A Centenary of ANZAC

Last night we were fortunate enough to attend the Centenary of ANZAC ceremony at the King’s School. With a long military history, King’s lost 98 boys and 2 staff in World War I – this represented three generations of Kingsmen, out of a school that only had 220 boys in those days. The ceremony wasContinue reading “A Centenary of ANZAC”

To Card Or Not To Card?

That is the question. Every year around this time I face the same dilemma: do I send out Christmas cards or not? At school the decision was easy – everyone signed their name at the bottom of a card and gave it to every single solitary acquaintance they had at school. But at university, theContinue reading “To Card Or Not To Card?”