Good Morning Vietnam!

Phew. We’re finally at the halfway point of my South East Asian adventure and boy has it been an incredible two weeks. New experiences, new countries and best of all some amazing new people. Sadly we had to say goodbye to about half our group in the morning who weren’t doing the Vietnam half of the trip. I’m going to break Vietnam up into a few posts because it was nearly two weeks of my trip and I think it’s earned the right to a couple of posts. Continue reading “Good Morning Vietnam!”



Cambodia was possibly one of the most confronting, fascinating and sad countries I’ve ever visited. It’s very much a country that’s still rebuilding after the atrocities that occurred under Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in the 1970’s and in Cambodia you get a real sense of the struggle to rebuild a country after war. Continue reading “Cambodia”

The rest of Thailand

So I’m really bad at blogging on the move. Which you’ve probably all realised by now. I think it’s because when I do get a spare hour in my hotel/hostel I’m sleeping most of the time. Anyway I’ve decided to condense my South East Asia trip into country specific posts (except Vietnam which will be a couple of posts because it was two weeks worth of travel. Continue reading “The rest of Thailand”

One Night in Bangkok

Disclaimer: I actually spent two nights in Bangkok but I’ve been waiting ages to use that title.

Wow. What a city. In a way, Bangkok was almost exactly what I expected it to and yet so much better at the same time. Home to around 6.3 million people, it’s a city of contrasts – in one corner sits the glittering towers of the Paragon Shopping Centre, then as soon as you step outside people line the streets selling handicrafts and elephant pants (of which I may have invested in four pairs for myself and a couple of extras for friends…they rip easily okay!) Continue reading “One Night in Bangkok”

Hangin’ in Hangzhou

After about seven weeks of living in China I was lucky enough to get a visit from Mum, Dad and a reluctant Tom (who really would’ve rather spent his holiday hanging out with his mates but got dragged to China for a week instead). To get the holiday off to the right start, Tom’s plane was delayed out of Sydney and he missed his connection in Hong Kong, so instead of landing 45 minutes after Mum and Dad he was due in six hours later. Continue reading “Hangin’ in Hangzhou”


Coming back from Shanghai three weeks ago, I was surprised at the feeling of relief when we got off the train at Hangzhou East Station. My thought at that moment was ‘wow, it’s nice to be home’.

About an hour later when I got back to my room at College the enormity of this thought really became apparent – Hangzhou is really starting to feel like home. Our tiny 2×5 metre rooms have now become the centre of our world, home to girls’ nights in and girls’ nights out, tea time, movie nights, witness to our last minute exam panic attacks and frantic writing an hour before our UTS assignments are due… Continue reading “Life.”