Day 9 & 10: Bonjour Paris!

After another super long drive, we finally arrived in Paris! Switzerland was definitely the most fun two days of the entire trip, having seven other Contiki tours at the same hostel made for some fun nights. Plus, we got to try real Swiss cheese fondue which was delicious. Upon arrival in Paris, we drove (andContinue reading “Day 9 & 10: Bonjour Paris!”

Day 8: Snow on the Alps

Today we went up to the highest railway station in Europe on an old electric train which was really cool, though it was quite a long trip after a fairly sleepless night. Luckily we had 2 hours to sleep on the train! The Jungfrau mountain was really cool, there was real snow on top ofContinue reading “Day 8: Snow on the Alps”

Day 2: Sneaky Contiki in Amsterdam

What an amazing night! Amsterdam is a very surreal city with two completely different sides. The Amsterdam you see in the day is completely different to the one you experience at night. I think our trip manager put it best when he described Amsterdam as the ideal girlfriend: full of culture, ideas and history byContinue reading “Day 2: Sneaky Contiki in Amsterdam”