Day 23 – 27: Last week at Cambridge

I can’t believe I’m halfway through my Cambridge course! It’s even better than I expected it to be, and I’ve made a great group of friends who I’ll really miss when I go back home. On the upside, I now have friends in America, Colombia, Sweden and France! This week we did a lot moreContinue reading “Day 23 – 27: Last week at Cambridge”

Day 21 & 22: Exploring England!

I spent most of the weekend out and about exploring England, because I figured I have the whole week to look around Cambridge. On Saturday I was lucky enough to join the excursion going from Cambridge to Stratford-upon-Avon, where Shakespeare was born! We spent a couple of hours wandering around¬†Shakespeare’s house, which is really wellContinue reading “Day 21 & 22: Exploring England!”

Day 15 – 20: Week 1 at Cambridge

Since Cambridge is a lot quieter than Contiki or Hampshire were, I decided to combine it into a weeklong post so it’s more interesting to read! On Sunday we headed into Winchester for some final sightseeing adventures before driving to Cambridge. We saw King Arthur’s round table, the Wolvesey Castle ruins and the outside ofContinue reading “Day 15 – 20: Week 1 at Cambridge”

Day 14: An Oxford adventure

Today was our biggest day of sightseeing, mainly because it was a Saturday so we could take longer. We decided to make the trek up to Oxford and Blenheim Palace, the ancestral home of the Churchill family. I actually didn’t know much about Blenheim Palace, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it wasContinue reading “Day 14: An Oxford adventure”

Day 13: Bath time

Today we decided to make the trek to Bath. Sadly Caitlin was flying to Spain in the afternoon for her 10-day Topdeck tour, so she couldn’t come with us. We left the house quite early in the morning because Bath is a couple of hours drive away. Upon arrival, we decided to tour around theContinue reading “Day 13: Bath time”

Day 11-12: We made it to England (barely)!

After suffering through two days of intense heat in Paris, getting lost on the metro multiple times, nearly not making it through airport security (those Parisians are intense!) and having last minute panic attacks that we would miss our flight to England, we finally made it to Swanmore, where my good family friends the ParrysContinue reading “Day 11-12: We made it to England (barely)!”

Day 1: Hello London!

Well, we made it! After nearly 30 hours in transit we finally landed at Heathrow airport at around 2:30pm. I would definitely recommend Cathay Pacific to anyone flying, it was easily one of the best flights I’ve experienced. We had decided to brave the infamous Tube from Heathrow to Russell Square, where our hotel was.Continue reading “Day 1: Hello London!”