Day 5: The hills are alive in Austria!

Today we headed to one of my most anticipated places on the whole trip – the Austrian Tyrol! It was a pretty early start, we had to be on the coach at 8am to get to white water rafting by 10. As we wound our way down through the Alps Zach decided to serenade usContinue reading “Day 5: The hills are alive in Austria!”

Day 4: A little bit of culture in Munich

Remember how yesterday the Rhine Valley was my favourite place ever? Well scrap that, Munich has now taken out that title! What an incredible city. The buildings are absolutely amazing and the city is filled with history. We went on a bike tour for two hours through the city and saw the main churches andContinue reading “Day 4: A little bit of culture in Munich”

To Card Or Not To Card?

That is the question. Every year around this time I face the same dilemma: do I send out Christmas cards or not? At school the decision was easy – everyone signed their name at the bottom of a card and gave it to every single solitary acquaintance they had at school. But at university, theContinue reading “To Card Or Not To Card?”