Snap, back to reality

Yes, an Eminem reference (I can feel Jes rolling her eyes through the screen). Don’t worry, there is a background to my Eminem obsession – most of you know that I grew up just south of Penrith in a little area called Glenmore Park. Well, when we moved in my first year of uni, a lot of my friends and my life were still out there so I have spent a fairly significant portion of my life driving to and from the ‘Riff to see people. To keep myself awake on these late night drives, I have a playlist called ‘EMINEM YO’ which I rap along to while driving. If you happen to see me driving on the M2 on a Tuesday at roughly 1pm that’s probably what I’m doing when I head home from my weekly study sesh at Kat’s house. At least that explains how I know all the words to Without Me and Real Slim Shady, right?

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Coming back from Shanghai three weeks ago, I was surprised at the feeling of relief when we got off the train at Hangzhou East Station. My thought at that moment was ‘wow, it’s nice to be home’.

About an hour later when I got back to my room at College the enormity of this thought really became apparent – Hangzhou is really starting to feel like home. Our tiny 2×5 metre rooms have now become the centre of our world, home to girls’ nights in and girls’ nights out, tea time, movie nights, witness to our last minute exam panic attacks and frantic writing an hour before our UTS assignments are due… Continue reading “Life.”

The semester thus far….

So it’s been awhile. Kind of a ridiculous while. But I think I can be forgiven considering my current schedule is muchos hectic! Working three days a week and studying full time is proving to be a bit more of a challenge than I initially anticipated, but it’s finally that glorious time of the semester: mid sem break! Continue reading “The semester thus far….”