Day 21 & 22: Exploring England!

I spent most of the weekend out and about exploring England, because I figured I have the whole week to look around Cambridge. On Saturday I was lucky enough to join the excursion going from Cambridge to Stratford-upon-Avon, where Shakespeare was born! We spent a couple of hours wandering around¬†Shakespeare’s house, which is really wellContinue reading “Day 21 & 22: Exploring England!”

Day 1: Hello London!

Well, we made it! After nearly 30 hours in transit we finally landed at Heathrow airport at around 2:30pm. I would definitely recommend Cathay Pacific to anyone flying, it was easily one of the best flights I’ve experienced. We had decided to brave the infamous Tube from Heathrow to Russell Square, where our hotel was.Continue reading “Day 1: Hello London!”