Finally doing some touristy things

After two weeks of living in Hangzhou, I finally got the opportunity to go and do some of the touristy things around the area thanks to a colleague of my Dad’s.

Qin Shu picked me up at 9am from outside my uni, and we headed to see Xiang Lake, a famous lake just outside of Hangzhou. Apparently it’s three times the size of the West Lake, and it was amazing! It also attracts less tourists than the West Lake because it sits just outside of Hangzhou rather than near the main city. Continue reading “Finally doing some touristy things”


A day in the life…

So a couple of people have asked me what we do on a standard day here at Zheda (I’m looking at you, Mum). Here’s a quick outline that I actually wrote on Thursday but was too lazy/busy to post until tonight: Continue reading “A day in the life…”